Web Design

I make handwritten / programmed websites. For this I use only pure HTML and usually the w3.css frame work. The resulting pages are responsive (they are displayed sensibly on all output devices) and easy to use. The websites are very lightweight, because no scripts or complex program functions are involved. They load very fast and are safe from hacker attacks. Of course, more complex functions can be added, but the first question I always ask is: Is it really necessary?

CMS (Content Management System)

A handwritten HTML website is not allways suitable for every application. For example, if you want to write blog entries regularly or content changes frequently, a CMS is of course handy. In such cases, I offer a solution in the form of a static website generator. Among all the different solutions available, I chose Jekyll.

With Jekyll, you write your content in the easy-to-learn "Markdown" language and the generator system creates a static web page from it. No database, no active components and scripts that can be hacked, minimal traffic and lightning fast page loads are the result.

About me

I am a musician, author and consultant. Web design is a side project that has developed because I was dissatisfied with all existing solutions. For a long time I used Wordpress on my websites, but the effort to keep such active systems constantly up to date - i.e. secure - is simply not in any meaningful proportion to the result.

Can I work for you?

If you want a website in plain passive HTML that can't be hacked (as long as your hosting provider does its job), I'll be happy to work for you too. Below you will find my contact details, just write or call me.

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seehat multimedia
Stefan Max Schoener
Buzón 20122
03720 Benissa


+34 611 096 224
+49 171 99 50 383

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